A Little About My Process

So to give you a bit of detail about my process when I have a client in the studio it goes a bit like this.

When the client arrives for the session, I make sure they have something to drink, whether it be coffee, water, just something. I do what I can to make them feel welcome in my home. We then proceed into the studio where they encounter my setup, they see what I have going on and they feel more confident in my skills as an engineer, we start the process of recording as quick as possible, I have a template in my DAW already setup for when I record rap artists. It's simple, just a track for the instrumental and 8 vocal tracks along with multiple groups and fx tracks setup and ready to go.

During the recording sessions I always try to encourage the artist I'm working with. Even if they mess up, I'll tell them it was a good take, but we can either redo the whole part or just punch in where they messed up and go from there. Sometimes they like to punch from where they last stopped, other times it's simply "Let me do it over", and that's okay. I'm here to further the artist's vision and help them create the song they want to make.

After the recording process we sit down, listen to the song in its entirety and figure out if there's any touch ups needed in the recording, after that it's the mixing phase. Generally speaking with the client in the room I'll do a good quick mix until they're happy with what they're hearing and then after they leave I'll usually do improvements to finish the mix and then send them that to see if they're happy with the extra I did to it. I'll also do mastering on the song prior to sending the final version.

Overall, I try to make the artist confident and comfortable in my ability to make their song what they want. That's the most important thing to me, serving the artist.

Anyway this has been Alex Dickson of Studio 7-22 LLC!

Alex Checking Out!

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