A Look Back - 2020 and Going Forward!

Hey everyone, how's it going? It's been a cool minute since I posted anything here on my blog! Well, to kick things off, I JUST MOVED!!! Lucky MEEE! My Fiance and I are renting a house and I managed to get my studio fully setup and ready to go for production and recording!

Let's dig back a bit over the last year of 2020; HOLY FUCK WHAT A YEAR! Starts off okay, then COVID hit, and as of this writing it's still hitting pretty damn hard, and now with all the lockdowns across the country it's been pretty difficult getting people through the studio all throughout last year. Although I did manage to almost triple my income from the year before! YAY ME!

I've had a slew of new clients come through last year, everyone from GI Jones, to mixing and mastering for Savya Worldwide out of Tulsa, a buddy of mine Crrtis I met on Instagram! At the end of the year for 2020 from the last week of November to the middle of December my sister came for a visit with her husband and 3/4 of her children. I love them all to death, they're great people. Kids are highly intelligent as well, I see them going far in this world!

Okay, okay, okay, I want to talk for a minute about the plans for this year moving forward. For starters I plan to continue to grow my client base as well as bring back some old clients from the past. Another one of my goals is to probably introduce the occasional artist from other genres, something like the Singer-Songwriter, Guitar-Vocal kind of thing, or maybe even try to get a full on band through here. Just to expand and try something different. I also have some goals on creating more beats and instrumentals to sell to new clients and anyone that wants to buy them from my website. I know my beats aren't cheap on my website, but they are untagged, which I know a lot of artists would Ideally prefer. There's also a lot more audio gear I want to buy, maybe also get a new workstation to work from. (Hopefully an iMac)... My PC does a fine job for the most part right now, but I want to break away from Windows... I'm getting sick of all the bullshit that's tied to Microsoft products.

Another one of my goals to be able to go full-time with this and be able to FINALLY get married this year.. or next... No date has been set in stone. I mean, shit, I've been engaged for the last 3 years, it's about time to tie the knot, dontcha think?

But yeah, with 2020 gone and 2021 underway, I think we are all in for an interesting year. The vaccine for COVID-19 has been in the works very rapidly and hopefully deploying it is safe right now, it has been approved by the FDA so far, so we are kind of in full production beta if you will. Kinda like a Trial by fire sort of thing... So we'll see how that pans out.

So to simplify my goals list is into this:

- Bring more artists into the studio

- Go Full-time with the studio

- Expand outside of just rap/hip-hop/R&B

- Produce more beats/Instrumentals

- Maybe work on some weight loss and get healthy

- Get a regular sleep pattern back

- Set an official wedding date and sticking to it!

- Potentially getting into making a podcast or YouTube Videos

Anyway, I hope this was interesting in at least some possible way. Kind of a rambling post, but still something.

Alright, if you made it this far, I'll be checking out for the rest of the day, it's about 10 minutes to 8am and I need a nap because I haven't slept yet lol