Day Jobs, They Suck (Sometimes)

So I just got a job back that I had earlier in this year. It's a job I absolutely loved and want to do again, but the only difference this time is I'll be working the night shift, 3-Midnight. Now that's the reason a day job sucks for me, it's because I'll only be able to do my recording sessions 2 days a week or before work during the work week. Now I'm not complaining that I have the job, I do genuinely need it to get my finances in order before I go back to full-time with my studio, but I am kind of sad that I'll have to cut back pretty far on how much studio time I can book.

If I can say one thing about day jobs is they are useful, especially if they pay well and are full time, along with great insurance. Never underestimate the power of having a regular job to get your side business further off the ground. That's what I'm doing, and hopefully it works :)

This post is probably useless to you, but it's more of a short venting post than anything and saying "Hey I got a job, I have to cut back on availability."

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