How do you know you're a good artist?

One thing that plagues a lot of artists, especially when it's their first time in a studio, is the same thing as stage fright, but also an everlasting, never-ending question. "Am I a good artist?" Since we are our own worst critics it can be difficult to know if you're a good artist without outside input.

As a studio owner and operator I've had people of all various skill levels come through and record with me. I always try to be encouraging and try to bring the best out of the artists I work with. Whether or not their exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, my opinion isn't necessarily the be all end all. If someone has a passion for music I'm not going to stifle it. There have been times where I've critiqued the talent coming to record with me, and there have been at least a couple that have never came back to me. If they still do music to this day, I do not know, but even still I wish them the best and hopefully they can pursue their love for music in other ways if not in the way of singing, rapping, or vocals.

In my years of doing this there are some key similarities between the "Good Artists", Right now we'll focus on 3 of them.

  1. A good artist not only talent, but even more so the stones to push past their failures. This means that they have their goals in mind and they will stop at almost nothing to achieve them. They have the ability to look at what they've done in the past and learn from it so they can improve in the future.

  2. Their personality allows for change and free exchange of ideas to make a song come together to where they're able to let others in to make their ultimate vision come true for their music.

  3. Cockiness is almost non-existent. They are still proud of their talent, but they don't let themselves get haughty about it. (There's a $100 word)

As you can see a good artist is always willing to work with people and build a team rather than do everything only for themselves. They recognize they have the talent to make their music, but they're not cocky about it to the point that it's all "ME, ME, MEEEEEE!"

As an artist you may not have the best sounding voice in the world, you may not be able to play an instrument as well as say Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Hendrix, Neal Peart etc... But if you're willing to put that aside that fact or flaw and instead focus on the art itself and paint the picture you want to create wit your music, you'll always have an audience. Whether that be an audience of three or three-million, someone will always listen.