Interesting Recording Session!

So I had an interesting recording session earlier this week. It was a short little 2-hour vocal recording session to an instrumental, but it was still interesting, I had about 5 people in my cramped little studio plus me. Now that's not a complaint, but more of an interesting experience. I've never had that many people collaborating on one song before. Everyone's input mattered, surprisingly even mine. Even though I'm an engineer as well as a producer I usually let the artist(s) make all the decisions unless my opinion is asked for, but there were some bits on this recording session that I was the first to say something about a given part.

One of the people in this group was a family member, so I record her all the time, also within the group was another person I've only recorded once before, the others I've never met in my life up until that point. Everything was pretty chill overall. We got done what needed to get done and all was well with the world.

The most interesting part of this recording session was the last guy on the recording. He didn't really have any parts prepared for recording, so it was just an off the cuff, on-the-fly kind of thing. Phrases starting one way and ending up something completely, and totally different than what you expect. I'm generally okay with that kind of stuff, but I will say it's always better to have a plan of attack and a direction set to go before getting into the booth.

After the recording took place, pretty much it was a quick mix and out the door, they were happy, so it's all good.

Anyway, thanks for reading, this has been Alex Dickson of Studio 7-22 LLC, checking out! Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your day! Deuces!

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