Music I Work On VS Music I Listen to for Leisure.

So one thing that my closest people know about me is the music I work on is vastly different from the music I listen to in my free time. I primarily work on rap/hip-hop music in my career right now, but in my leisure I usually listen to stuff like Rock, Metal, Indie, and Alternative as well as some EDM stuff. You would think that in my free time I'd listen to more rap and hip-hop stuff than anything else to get a feel for the genre and know what to expect with trends and what not, but I find it to branch out from the genre I work in all the time is more beneficial for my mental state more than anything else.

If you look at my iTunes library you'll find a very eclectic group of albums, songs, etc. My taste is rather vast. Everything from Modest Mouse, to Demon Hunter, 5FDP to Skrillex, and even Ozzy to Post Malone... Oh wait, they did a song together recently, didn't they? I think they did. Lol Irony.. Maybe?

Over the last couple of years I've been branching out what I listen to from all rock and metal to various songs in the pop genre as well as hip-hop/rap. It's just something I think about from time to time when it comes to what I listen to vs what I work on. It's also crazy at all the stuff you can learn from one genre to apply to a different genre, like EQ, Compression, Structure, Arrangement, Feel, Flow, there's almost literal endless combinations of possibilities.

So, I just realized something, there's one thing I apply to the rap music I work on that you'll hear a lot in metal, how the kick drum sounds. With the kick drums in both genres you do get solid low end in both genres, but there's just a couple little aspects of a Metal kick drum that I like over your typical hip-hop kick. Metal Kicks tend to have a much beefier low end than a hip-hop//rap kick drum because in the hip-hop genre they rely on the 808 sub bass to make up for the lack of low end, as for metal they use the full effect of the kick drum. They use multiple mics to capture it that way with every hit it's just like a concussive strike against your body. In the music I work on I like to incorporate the kind of low end a Metal Kick has on the kicks I usually use, that is if I'm not using an 808 for the sub already.

I'll say one last thing before I end this. Expand your musical horizons, whether you're an artist, engineer, producer, or just a consumer of music, branch out and explore different genres, you never know what you'll find that you like.

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