Pick a Partner and Make Music Together!

So I've been working my fulltime job since about November and I've made various friends at work, it's kind of easy to do when you work in a call center, but still. A couple of friends I've made are into music, one guy has a deal with a management company out of New York and the other guy supposedly has connections in the industry with other producers, all of which I do believe what they tell me and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you have to do that in certain relationships, especially ones in business.

Anyway, to continue I've had the latter gentleman record in my studio a couple of weeks ago as a demo session to kinda pull a "Show him what you got" kinda thin, but overall he wants to record with me again so, I guess that could be considered a win. The former gentleman I talked about with the management company, I've seen his proof and heard what he's able to do and I'm hoping him and I can do a big project together, one of quality that will help build him further recognition and help me build my brand and business as a studio. There are benefits to both relationships, not only personally, but professionally. I think these two relationships will build a good two-way four-lane highway for each of us that we all can benefit from.

In the past, I've had people screw me in my business, but I take everyone individually and everyone is their own person. So 90% of the time the sins of one do not become the sins of the next person. Now there are things that I've learned from those that have screwed me one way or another, so it taught me to be on alert for issues A, B, C, Or D. There's potential for any relationship to become sour and fall apart. Business relationships are exceptionally prone to such things. I've been learning everything I can the past 8 months about how to grow and run my business in music, buy audiobooks, listening to podcasts and taking online courses. I've invested a lot of time, money and energy into my business and learning about my business to do it right.

I have my business in music not just because it has the potential to make a fuck ton of money, but more along the lines of I just love music and audio! Music and Audio is the kind of thing that can invoke any emotion, on a lot of levels more than visuals can. I'm a very emotionally driven individual and music has been one of those things that have driven my emotions both to positive and negative energies, so I know the effect it can have. My passion for music is something that I cannot ignore and I'm going to make music my life's work!

So if you're in this music game, either as an artist, or the other side of the glass, make friends, build relationships and see if those relationships can turn into partnerships, building a team is important, make the most of it!

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