Shootin' the Shit - School's Out! - Not Really.... Maybe?

Hey everyone, how's it going? Today is just a shootin' the shit kind of a post. Just more of a rambling piece than anything... Anyway...

To start off with ever since this Coronavirus outbreak happened here in the states I've had to, like millions of others, start homeschooling kids. Since school got killed for the rest of the year, I've had to homeschool my nephew, wonderful kid, good heart, happy kid, he just has some special needs in general, but he can pretty much do this stuff. Anyway, some days are better than others and this last week or so he's been having some fits, I know, I know, typical 11-year-old type of behavior, but it's usually over simple stuff like if he can't play video games or watch tv or YouTube. Sometimes we gotta be firm with, other times we have to coax him out of a self-hatred mode... There's quite a bit at play with this, not sure what exactly, but mom and I are trying to figure this out as well as try to help my brother with his son.

A couple of things being discussed in my family is to decide whether or not to do school work during the summer months. Personally I'm against it because I'm trying to run my business, but by the same token, he can't just sit around watching TV and playing video games all summer :/ Kind of a double-edged sword on this one, to be frank.

Another thing that's kind of a peeve of mine right now is the Oklahoma school system is still deciding whether or not to start the school year off with home-schooling. So much of a shit-show if you ask me. This COVID-19 bullshit is really killing the vibe all around. Like I said this post is more of shooting the shit kind of deal, which means it's just my general thoughts about whatever.

On another note I've restarted to get back into one of my favorite hobbies, Magic: the Gathering Trading Card Game. It's one of the expensive ones, but it brings me much joy to build decks and play with other people and just the strategy involved is insane. Every interaction, or lack thereof, is absolutely essential to how a game progresses. You'd be surprised how one small move can swing the entirety of whether you win or lose the game.

So what do you think, School's out for the summer? or Keep homeschooling?

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