Shootin' the Shit - Make Shit Happen! Stop Low-balling Yourself!

So there's something I've discovered this last week with my business and it is this. I've discovered people ARE actually willing to pay for good quality service where I live. I've also noticed that raising my prices (Currently $50/Hour 2-Hour Minimum) helps weed out the cheapos that are of no benefit to me and a real pain my ass in some instances. For a while, I've been doing $25 sessions just to try and get people in the door. It only caused frustration and low-quality clients coming through the door. Now I'm not saying that I won't work with those people again, but they're going to have to step up their coinage to work with me again.

Now that being said, some of the $25 sessions brought in some truly decent artists and it's lead to a bit higher paying gigs in some instances, but as of now, for the quality I provide, it's now an hourly rate. I can't keep doing the cheap sessions anymore because it's just not worth my time, in some instances I make less than minimum wage where I live and it's about $7.50-$8/hour or something like that. So with some sessions taking 3-4 hours, I'm REALLY shortchanging myself.

So I've decided to put my foot down on this issue and make my price my price.

I know I sound like a real douche here, but I want to be the best here where I live. And I've got some of the gear to back up this $50/hour rate. I'll put it this way, I called up Sunset Sound in California a couple of months ago because I was curious as to what they charged per hour. Their rate when I called them was $160/hour with I think a 6-hour minimum booking. They also had a "lockout" (12-hour slot) rate at like $1,600. Don't quote me on this, everything is subject to change at any given time. Don't go saying "Alex said this" This was just the information I received when I called them.

Now that I'm done bitching and complaining and being a hardass, the overall goal of this post is to tell you if you run a business of any kind, don't low-ball yourself. make your time valuable and properly identify your worth. Now that's not to say that you start off at a million dollars, but by the same token, you gotta start somewhere reasonable until people start seeing your quality and then you can move up your prices as time goes along. I've been doing this music thing since 2011 and started running it as a business in 2015. Time to stop fooling around and just make shit happen! No one else is going to do it for you, you want it, you can have it, but you gotta work for it.

But yea, make something of yourself and make yourself valuable. In the immortal words of Shia Lebouf... 'JUST DO IT!!!"

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