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So the other day I was working on a new instrumental, but now that it's done I'm in a dilemma about what I want to do with it... I don't know if I want to sell it to someone else to use in their music or write to it myself. Normally I make beats to sell, but on some occasions, I produce my own works and songs to release to the world under me. Yes, I write and release my own music with my own lyrics, I have 2 EPs and a few singles out on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, all that jazz, you name it, you can probably find it.

On the note of this instrumental, it's really dark and kind fo chill. The title is "A Somber Note" this could be the kind of instrumental you could use in a few different styles of rap music. It could go in a fast rap kind of style or even a post-hardcore style of song. That's the main vision I see for it. I can do both in my style of writing. I do have another EP of my own I'm working on. Right now the working title is Psychotic Autonomy, it's an alternative/rap style album with rap/trap/hip-hop style beats and some of my own lyrics put to said beats. The vocals are more of a screaming variety, something along the lines of your typical metal band these days. A lot of my musical influence is Metal and Electronic, but I apply those to my songs in the form of a Post-hardcore rap style of lyrics and vocals.

About a day or so after I made the initial version of A Somber Note I sent it to one of my friends on Facebook who is part of a local car club and has a subwoofer system in his car. Oh, what a fun story I got back from it. The thing is I had made the song with a shit ton of bass and it was a fun track to make, hell, there's even still quite a bit of bass in it still, but anyway I digress. I sent this guy the song so he could try it out on his system in his car. He said it knocked so hard that it welded the voice coil on one of his subs. I laughed so hard because I wasn't expecting it to do damage. Luckily he said don't worry about it, it's an old system anyway. So looks like I just gave him a reason to go put in a new system, hahaha.

I'm listening to this track right now over and over and over and I just really like the feel of it the more I listen to it, the sub-bass drones on throughout a majority of the song and the kick drum really hit too. I'd damn near say this is my favorite beat to date. I just MIGHT write something to it and add it to my new EP I plan to release by the end of the year.

I want to talk a little bit about my past work I have out in the ethos. I have two EPs Nightmares for the Beautiful and Safety in Music. They're an electronic/alternative and a beat tape EP respectively. I also have some singles out as well. I have Damnation that was a fun one to do, It's a really dark, electronic rock kind of thing with a lot of screams and sounding like something out of the Red Faction video games. There's one scream in particular in that track that was one of the toughest for me to ever have done. I think it's like a 10-15 second scream or something about half-way/two-thirds of the way through the song and it's just epic to me.

One of my more recent singles Good Times in Crosby Park is another single I have that's literally about my time growing up in Crosby Park neighborhood in good ol' Lawton, Oklahoma. All the fun and everything was something to behold back in those days. Growing up with a pool in the back yard didn't hurt in the summertime either. I had all kinds of pool parties and stuff. Epic birthdays and everything. But yea, that's a chill song I loved creating and writing. Simple yet effective, it tells the story I wanted to tell pretty well in fact.

OOOOH, I have one more single I want to talk about, it's an instrumental, but this was a really fun one to make just fooling around. It's called Horn Breaks and it's this breakbeat style track with a Drum n' Bass style breakbeat that I chopped up with some loops of horns playing and pitched up and down and all around. It's not really for everyone, but if you like weird, quirky stuff it's a pretty fun one to listen to from time to time.

Well, I've rambled on and shot the shit long enough for this evening. I'll catch you guys on the flipside.

This has been Alex Valli Dickson of Studio 7-22, Deuces!

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