Shootin' the Shit - Some Favorite Music of Mine

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Shootin' the Shit segment. Today I want to talk about some of my favorite music as of late. I'll start off with a bit of a contradiction. I work in rap and hip-hop music, but I primarily listen to rock and metal. Lately, I've been starting to branch out into other genres in my casual listening. For the longest time I felt that the modern rap genre was feeling empty, lyrics with no substance, but lately I've been listening to some of what's on the radio and what comes on Apple Music.

So far a few of my favorites are Rod Wave, Post Malone, and Tech N9ne. There's something about these styles of music that kinda brings me to a chill state and with some songs a party state of mind. I don't know many songs by name, but like Post Malone's "Rich and Sad" is a good one, "Girl of my Dreams" by Rod Wave, and Tech N9ne's "Bitch Slap" are a couple o fly other favorites as of late.

For Rock and Metal, that list is almost endless. Everything from Foo Fighters, to Metallica, to Falling in Reverse, Fire from the Gods, Linkin Park. There's so many!

In the alternative genres, Tame Impala is one that I've taken a shine to lately. One of my absolute favorite songs by him is "The Less I Know the Better". The music video for that one is funny as hell, if you haven't seen it, go to YouTube and watch it! It's worth it!

Another artist I found a couple years ago, kinda by accident, Jumex. Kid's music is multi-genre, and if you want something that's simple and just fun to listen to, then his music is a way to go.

Anyway, that's a little bit about my music tastes as of late. I'll ttyl.

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