Shootin' the Shit! When Not a Whole Hell Of A Lot is Going On. (Trying to "Stay Busy")

Have you ever had it when there's not much going on in your life and you're just bored? Yeah up until these last two weeks things have been that way for me, not many clients coming through due to COVID, but I still got the occasional client.

When you're not busy working it's easy to lose momentum in your business, skills, talents or other things about yourself. If you're really good at singing or rapping, for example, and you're not practicing multiple times per week, you can potentially lose all of your momentum and get so out of practice that you won't be good enough to sing or rap for quite some time until you get back into the swing of things.

With me one of my things is beat making. I'm pretty out of practice with it, On my schedule I have time set aside to work on making a new beat of some kind over the course of two hours, but I have yet to start doing that regularly. I have some things on my schedule that's supposed to keep me busy throughout the week so I can have the potential to find new clients and everything. But again, I'm out of practice and haven't really gotten to it. So admittedly I can be a lazy fuck and that's not good.

Some things I've done to "Stay Busy" have been hanging out with friends over the internet, seeing my fiance regularly, playing D&D with some friends over Discord, there's been a number of things I did to Keep Busy, but in all honesty those are more distractions from my business more than anything else. So staying busy with your work can be more rewarding in many ways, everything from monetary gains, to pride in your abilities and talents that help you with your work, becoming an overall success, there's almost limitless possibilities.

As for me I'm going to get back to following my schedule I've had set for me for the past 2-3 months.

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