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Lawton, Oklahoma

Looking for Kickass Vocals & Mixes?

Welcome to Studio 7-22!

Hey everyone, My name is Alex Dickson and here at Studio 7-22 I work with Rap, Hip-hop, and R&B  artists from all over the state and around the country. 

I've been doing this since about 2015 so I have the experience to backup my skills. 

With my skills focused in Recording and Mixing I can deliver top-notch quality work for your music!


The Basics - What Goes Into It

For Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B, the vocals are what's front and center. Without the vocals you don't have a song. So to capture the best vocals you not only need the right performer and performance, but you also need a good selection of gear to capture the excellent quality of the excellent performance.

Here at Studio 7-22 I offer gear that you won't find in most home studios around Lawton, especially at my price point. (Hit Me Up for a quote on your next project.)


Portfolio - What I Can Do


The Workspace

Here in the workspace I run a Windows-based system running Cubase & Native Instruments Maschine software. This state of the art Workstation can handle just about anything thrown at it!


What I Can Do, But How Much Though?


Recording: $50/hour 3-Hour Minimum

You have a song, a sound, a feeling, you want to capture it.

- Includes Mixing/Mastering

Mastering Only $75/Song

Just that final touch to make it the best it can be


Mixing & Mastering $150/song

After Recording, it needs be tuned and polished for release.

What People are Saying!


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